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21 February 2021

Gastronomic tour in Marbella, Michelin Star restaurants

At Marbella Banús Suites we deeply want your experience in Marbella to be wonderful and unforgettable.

We firmly know that spending time around a table in a sophisticated restaurant, together with the enjoyment of excellent food and good wine, brings our desire closer to reality.

With this vision and objective in mind, we want to share with you this list of restaurants with a Michelin Star in Marbella.


Where to eat in Marbella, Michelin Star restaurants


The Messina restaurant was inaugurated in 2003 by its owners Mauricio Giovanini and Pía Ninci. Currently, they are reaping the success that they have known how to sow and manage since their opening. It is a restaurant well known by its customers who come from different parts of the world to visit it, with the aim of living the Messina experience. Of course, it is considered one of the best restaurants in Marbella by specialized critics.

The Messina Restaurant has had a Michelin Star since 2016. It is located on the main avenue of Marbella, next to the Hotel Amare. The menu offers a good number of alternatives with local products such as fish and shellfish from the Marbella coast, among other wonderful specialities.

Living the gastronomic experience in Messina means appreciating in each and every one of its dishes a refined technique and presentations that are simple and elegant at the same time.

More information and reservations on their website: Messina 


The Skina restaurant offers seasonal Andalusian haute cuisine.

Marcos Granda leads the team of this restaurant that carries out its activity in a traditional and cozy place in the historic center of Marbella. Skina proposes a unique gastronomic and wine experience, only reserved for a super limited number of ten diners. If you are passionate about Andalusian cuisine you will enjoy this experience like no other!

Skina, which has been awarded two Michelin Stars, celebrates and offers its limited diners the great gastronomic tradition of southern Spain, recreating it with imagination and its own personality, using local, seasonal and high-quality ingredients.

Among its precepts and mottos we find:

“At Skina, none of the details of your visit are left to chance.”.

“Skina is Andalusian gastronomic crafts”

“At Skina, your experience is taken care of and squared. At Skina, we don’t settle for “excellent”. If it is not “extraordinary”, it does not carry the Skina seal”

For specialized critics, Skina cuisine is very creative, vibrant, multicultural and is a tribute to the gastronomic tradition of the South of Spain. Its magnificent cellar with more than 950 references is also taken into account.

Respecting the proximity and seasonality of the ingredients, at Skina they let themselves be conquered by the seasonality of the local garden and the incomparable products of the Mediterranean.

Skina worships the recipes prepared for centuries in Andalusian homes and they have reformulated them with great respect and affection to offer them to their guests who come from different parts of the world. This reinvention of the recipes has been done with great care, with the minimum possible impact on the environment and trying to achieve the maximum possible effect on the experience of the diners.

More information and reservations on their website: Skina


This restaurant is limited to twelve exclusive seats around a wooden bar where the itamae subtly cuts the fish and prepares impeccable sushi.

The seasonal products, all of them premium, the most creative and original combinations, together with the sommelier’s special pairings, with sake or champagne, will provoke umami, the most delicious flavor, in an atmosphere of complete calm and silence.

In Nintai they express that no matter what day you come, you will always try an exclusive menu, achieved with the spontaneity and temporality of fresh products, raw material of the day, in harmony with the chef’s criteria. The team defines it as “the perfect balance between letting yourself be surprised and having a total guarantee of success, seeing the teacher improvise with perfect planning”.

The Nintai experience can be lived with a seat at the bar or in the private booth, depending on the type of situation you want to live and enjoy. They have taken into account even the smallest detail. Their winning bet is to offer a reduced number of exclusive seats with direct access to the highest quality, which has led them to obtain their first Michelin Star.

More information and reservations on their website:Nintai


Located in the heart of Elviria Hills (Marbella), in the clubhouse of Greenlife Golf, this famous restaurant occupies an idyllic location, founded by Armando Filippa in 1999.

From the beginning of their journey they searched for their own destiny and path, based on a close, seasonal, true culinary thought, where the important thing is the clear idea to establish strong ties with a great team made up of suppliers, producers and craftsmen from our own environment. This project has always and from the outset opted for a cuisine related to the Malaga and Andalusian territory, in which they have combined the value of the elements and well-understood gastronomic creativity.

For this clear conviction and the results obtained, they were awarded a Michelin star in 2005. Also awarded with a Sol from the Repsol Guide, being the first haute cuisine restaurant in Andalusia certified Km0 by the international entity Slow Food.

The El Lago winery is a fundamental part of the food and wine project, based on the conviction that in Malaga and Andalusia we have an oenological diversity with a millennial historical and cultural base. On this legacy is based the daily work of passionate winegrowers and winemakers and the close, continuous and familiar contact with all of them by its director, Paco García. In the selection of wines that make up the El Lago winery, we find a suggestive proposal of more than 300 references, dedicating special attention to those wines from the land of Malaga and Andalusia, together with references from the rest of the regions and Spanish and international denominations of origin.

More information and reservations on their website: El Lago

At Marbella Banús Suites we hope you enjoy Marbella and this select list of wonderful restaurants.

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