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Vacation Rental Management in Marbella

Marbella Banús Suites is a company that, through its boutique and personalised service, is fully dedicated to vacation rental management in Marbella through a comprehensive strategy focused on results.

If you are the owner of a second residence or an investment property in Marbella, you have a great opportunity to make it profitable through tourist rental and maintain it optimally for your enjoyment and that of your family.

Boutique Service

Personal and direct treatment, both with the owners and with our guests.

100% Online

Maximum transparency and care in the management and maintenance of the property.

Maximum Revenue

We take care of the entire process so that you do not have any responsibility or obligation. Zero worries!

All you need to know about​

Vacation Rental Property Management​

In this brief description we inform you about some of the relevant points of the vacation rental management in Marbella and how we do it at Marbella Banús Suites so that you obtain the best results in the market without risk and with total transparency.

Make your property profitable with vacation rental management in Marbella​

Renting your second home or investment property to tourists who have chosen Marbella to enjoy their holidays is easy and safe when you do it through Marbella Banús Suites.

Before selecting your property and making it part of our list, we analyse your home and its location in detail, to ensure that we can offer the best personalised service to you as the owner and that it perfectly matches what our guests are looking for.

The property has to pass our evaluation and the standards of location, quality, equipment and comfort required for it to be selected and incorporated into our list. We do not apply any type of charge during this home analysis process.

Our selected properties for vacation rentals management in Marbella are published on multiple channels and  we use the latest available technological tools and digital marketing campaigns to commercialise them.

Marbella Banús Suites has a department specialised in maintenance and repairs. We take care of managing all these operations, we budget them and assume the payments in the first instance that will then be reimbursed when the rental income is settled.

Vacation Rental Property Management: Tourist Licenses​

We comply with the current legislation for vacation rental management companies in Marbella and we take full care of the tourist license for your property in just 48 hours without intermediaries, without the need for paperwork, directly with the Junta de Andalucía (regional government of Andalusia).

Once the license is obtained, we publish your property on the Marbella Banús Suites website and on international platforms. In less than 96 hours we legalise your property, put it on the market and make it profitable.

Professionals Vacation Rental Management Company

Marbella Banús Suites is a professional vacation rental management agency in Marbella.

Our owner partners can follow in real time, 100% online and with total transparency the day-to-day life of their property through their mobile phone application.

We also generate fully customised monthly, quarterly and annual reports and at the request of our proprietary partners:

MBS Property Management

Reliable Method

You have never rented your property to avoid problems and, in return, you assume the high cost of annual maintenance?

With MBS, you swap this situation for guaranteed profitability and greater enjoyment, without any risk!

Guaranteed Profitability

You will get the best returns anywhere on the Costa del Sol.

Permanent Maintenance

We update the properties to delight our guests and owners

Risk & Problem Free Enjoyment

We take care of the entire process so you can enjoy

We take care of all the processes and we specialise in:

Marbella Banús Suites

Why choose MBS?

For our authentic and personalised service, organisational transparency and maximum efficiency in terms of results.

We are the only property manager in Marbella and on the Costa del Sol that carefully analyses and selects each property we are offered before taking a final decision on whether or not to include it in our exclusive selection. We only include those properties whose characteristics fit perfectly with our business vision and we only do so when we are truly convinced that the combination of its potential and our management will generate value.

Multichannel Marketing

Our online marketing team creates and executes an individual and specific strategy for each of the properties we have selected. We give each property a unique and unrepeatable personality, transforming them into proper “holiday homes”. This way, we achieve the best possible market positioning and the highest possible annual return.

Architecture, decoration and interior design

Together with our owner-partners, we look for the best alternatives for designing, renovating and decorating the properties in order to make them unique, attractive and comfortable. Not only do we update the properties to delight our guests, but also the owners themselves who come back to enjoy more pleasant stays in their own homes; they find their second homes renovated, embellished and very well looked after.


Our website, and the internationally recognised platforms that work with us, constantly receive booking requests 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, achieving the highest occupancy rates on the market for the premium sector.

Efficiency and transparency

Managing several synchronised calendars allows us to establish a winning strategy by presenting the highest immediate availability of properties on the market and managing prices and promotions, as we use AI to analyse the movement of supply and demand. This same technology gives all our owner-partners direct and transparent access to news and analysis of their properties, bookings, occupancy rates, reviews and feedback, cumulative profitability and other results.

Advance payments and security deposits

We have a team specialised in managing payments, which are always in advance, security deposits, business licences and holiday rental law. This facilitates the invoicing process, finance and taxation. They also take care of the processes required for reception, passport applications, passenger registration details and sending entry reports to the competent authority, in compliance with the regulations in force.

Personalised service

Our service is truly personalised and permanent. Our aim is to ensure that you, the owners, confirm through the results of our management that we are partners because we have the same objectives, to benefit from and care for the property. With respect to our guests, our goal is that through this personalisation, they perceive us, during their holiday, as their friends and part of their family in Marbella.

Certified cleanliness

The careful and thorough cleaning of our properties is the first foundation on which all the other services to our esteemed guests are built. We guarantee immaculate cleanliness in writing so that our guests feel valued and well looked after during their stay.

Dynamic Pricing

We maximise revenue through dynamic pricing management, changing the value of the price based on real time offer and demand, occupancy, competitors, the season or the celebration of important events in the city.

Our Unique and...

... Stylish Properties

We know that homes are unique for their owners and our goal is to make them unique for our guests.

MBS Property Management

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