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2 February 2022

Management of tourist apartments in Marbella

The aim of this first article on the sector is to convey the advantages of holiday rentals in Marbella and to let you know the excellent outlook we have for the new 2022 season.

In the October 2021 review of the famous company AirDNA on short-term rentals in the United States, they addressed the growing changes in seasonality that are benefiting many destinations in the North American country.  The conclusion they reached was this: occupancy is up 25% on April 2019 levels in both mountain/lake and coastal destinations.

However, there is another point which is equally or more relevant than the one I have just reported: the degree to which occupancy has expanded during the season itself. This means that if seasons have expanded, profits will also expand.

This is excellent news for the sector, both for the managers of holiday apartments in Marbella and for the owners. Our own experience tells us and confirms that this has been the case for holiday rentals in Marbella during the last summer season 2021. Not only September has been excellent, but last October has broken all records.

Management of holiday apartment in Marbella

We all know that the COVID crisis has brought about countless changes in our way of life and this has happened globally. Obviously, part of those changes affected our work routine. In the aforementioned report, they conclude that flexible working through the internet has extended the time that many travellers take in these new times for their holidays.

Historically, seasonality has meant that many destinations depended on a few months to earn sufficient annual income. The good news is that if the number of profitable months increases, even by just one more, the income earned increases significantly.

This new result in the management of holiday apartments turns an unprofitable investment into something more secure. For the owner, who is already making his second residence profitable, it means an extra profit that will allow him to save more money or the possibility of allocating this surplus to the maintenance and improvement of the property itself.

Tourist apartment in Marbella

If demand is limited to a few months, the only way to increase profitability is to increase average daily rates (ADRs) during those peak periods, as no amount of discounting will attract families to the beach in the middle of February in Marbella, for example.

The good news we have to tell you at Marbella Banús Suites is that now, with the added flexibility that the pandemic has introduced to millions of workers around the world, we are seeing an expansion of the periods during which our beloved holidaymakers are willing to travel to these traditionally seasonal destinations.

This is one of the reasons why the management of holiday apartments in Marbella has changed!


As I said at the beginning of this article, the aim is to inform you about this new situation and the advantages it represents for each and every one of us. We cannot fail to point out the benefit it represents for our dear guests. Greater profitability translates into more investment in infrastructure and improvements to the properties. That plus in design, comfort and decoration ensures the happiness and enjoyment of our guests, making their holidays in Marbella unforgettable.

To remember about the management of holiday rentals in Marbella…

…flexible work schemes have extended the time that many travellers take for their holidays. Until now, many of the markets and destinations relied on only a few months to earn enough income to make their business profitable. If the number of months increases, even by just one month, it generates a significant increase in revenue.

This new situation means that you, our homeowner-partners, get a higher return, which translates into more savings or reinvestment in your own home.

Until the next article, thank you!

Your family friends in Marbella

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