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23 August 2023

Full service vacation rental management in Marbella and Puerto Banus

Vacation rental management in Puerto Banús Marbella

A Full service vacation rental management in Marbella is an excellent business opportunity for owners of second homes and investors on the Costa del Sol. The short-term and vacation rental of apartments and villas continues to increase in popularity among travelers, allowing investors and owners to achieve substantial annual profits. However, professional vacation rental management agencies compete with individual property owners entering the market.

The professional vacation rental manager in Marbella, Puerto Banús, and the Golden Mile must differentiate themselves from individual owners through professionalization and the use of new technologies to achieve better comparative results.

Gestión de propiedades de Alquiler vacacional Marbella

Professional vacation rental manager in Puerto Banús, Marbella

Own Website

A fundamental aspect of the full service vacation rental management strategy is to establish a strong online presence through the creation of a website for marketing the property portfolio.

The agency’s own website enables them to gain online visibility and gradually build brand recognition over time. Of course, the agency’s primary goal is to secure more direct bookings, but it’s not the only objective.

The vacation rental management website includes a booking engine that allows guests to book the property directly, without the need for going through OTAs or other intermediaries. This results in greater profits for both the owner and the management agency.

Increasing Direct Bookings

We can confidently state that one of the most sought-after goals in vacation rental management is to increase the number of direct bookings. Many tourists searching for accommodations in Marbella, Puerto Banús, and the Golden Mile do so online. They start their search on recognized OTAs (Airbnb, Booking, Vrbo, among others), but if they can identify the brand name of the agency managing the property, they often visit the agency’s own website. This is why a property management agency striving for efficiency and success must invest significant energy and resources into creating their own custom website. Nowadays, travelers are much more willing to book directly.

Tourists book with vacation rental management agencies because they seek personalized attention, better prices, and more detailed information about the property, the area, and their upcoming stay.

Power of OTAs vs. Agency Brand

empresa de gestión integral de alquiler vacacional

Despite the market dominance of major OTAs, increasing brand visibility among travelers has become a fundamental goal for vacation rental management companies, and they actively work toward it. The agency’s brand directly impacts the satisfied tourist, exponentially increasing the likelihood of them rebooking with the same company and recommending it to other travelers.

A well-designed website serves as the foundation for making a favorable first impression on prospective guests. Travelers associate the website with the agency’s reputation and service, and they feel reassured when a well-designed and practical booking process instills confidence in them.

A custom website for vacation rental management offers a distinctive advantage by providing greater control compared to third-party channels. Furthermore, the agency has the final say regarding the brand image, including marketing communications, photo quality, and videos that align with their vision to market the property to the tourist market.

Unlike a listing on OTAs, the agency’s own website provides a personalized description infused with the company’s unique values. This makes it unique and distinct from the rest.

gestión de alquiler vacacional Marbella Puerto Banús

Commission Savings Mean Greater Income for Owners

Major OTAs offer undeniable advantages by leveraging their established brands in the market to increase visibility and attract guests from all corners of the globe. However, these benefits come at a high cost, with commissions often exceeding 15% per booking. Here’s the turning point: while the creation and promotion of their own website requires an initial and ongoing investment for the vacation rental management agency, the benefits it conveys to the property owner are incredibly significant.

The long-term commission savings paid to OTAs far outweigh the initial investment and create a highly positive image for the owner who has entrusted their apartment or villa’s management to the agency. Moreover, it allows for greater and ongoing control of the long-term business strategy. It generates increased differentiation from the competition, as the agency’s management has complete freedom in setting prices, discounts, personalized promotions, and more.

The Website Benefits the Owner

A unique vacation rental management agency’s own website offers a “boutique” experience to the user, allowing for seamless booking and building greater trust. Over time, if the stay has been enjoyable, loyalty bonds are formed between the tourist and the host, providing guests with the most significant reason to return and recommend.

Building such a strong brand presence is essential for success in vacation rental management and allows for that crucial differentiation between the comprehensive management agency and the individual owner. And above all other considerations, the most important reason for its existence is the extra benefit it brings to the “owner partner.”

Why to choose us:

In one sentence: For our authentic and personalised service, organisational transparency and maximum efficiency in terms of results.

Marbella Banús Suites is a company that, through its boutique and personalised service, is fully dedicated to vacation rental management in Marbella through a comprehensive strategy focused on results.

If you are the owner of a second residence or an investment property in Marbella, you have a great opportunity to make it profitable through tourist rental and maintain it optimally for your enjoyment and that of your family.

You can read more about this and contact us following this link.

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